In 2008, Public Opinion Strategies identified Walmart Moms as a key "swing voter" sub‐group.

As the 2010 election started to heat up, Walmart was curious as to whether moms shopping at their stores were still an "up‐for‐grabs" voting bloc, so Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis tracked this important sub‐group (roughly 14‐17% of the electorate) from May 2010 thru the election.

As the election came to a close, it was clear Walmart Moms – who were critical to Democratic success in 2008 — had once again proven to be a swing vote in the 2010 election.

In May 2010, the majority of these moms approved of the job President Obama was doing, they wanted more government intervention and they were evenly split in their partisan affiliation. At that time they were also split on their choice for Congress, just tilting very slightly towards voting Republican in November. However, as election season wore on, Walmart Moms eventually broke with their 2008 Democratic allegiances and pulled the lever for Republicans last year.

As the 2012 election cycle gets underway, Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis will once again track Walmart Moms and monitor their attitudes towards the President and Congress and the issues that matter most to these women.